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Teach For Australia launches The Tutor Network

Thursday, December 10th, 2020

Teach For Australia (TFA) has launched a new initiative today, The Tutor Network, to provide free resources, training and support for tutors and schools.

COVID-19 caused mass disruption to classroom learning this year and
Australian governments have responded by announcing nearly $600 million to
engage around 10,000 tutors to help students catch up.

This is an unprecedented investment and opportunity, and The Tutor
Network wants to support high quality programs that deliver maximum benefits
for students.

“Quality is key when it comes tutoring success, and we want to help
ensure this investment of money and time delivers for students who need it
most,” TFA CEO Melodie Potts Rosevear said.

“Research and experience, both here in Australia and overseas, shows
tutoring in small groups is most effective when embedded within schools and
aligned to learning objectives identified by the teachers who know their
students’ needs.”

Via The Tutor Network online portal, schools and tutors can access free
training, guides, templates and other evidence-based resources that have been
provided by subject matter specialists and expert practitioners.

“We have a critical window to help students who fell behind during the
COVID-19 disruptions and, with this unprecedented level of investment, we also
have a unique chance to see how structured small group in-school tutoring can
complement classroom lessons in the longer term,” Ms Potts Rosevear said.

“COVID-19’s disruptions have shone new light on the depth of education
inequity in Australia and we cannot ignore it. We must take what we’ve learned
this year and use it to change the system for the better.”

The Tutor Network is a new public service initiative for TFA, a
not-for-profit organisation that helps tackle educational inequity by
recruiting and developing outstanding teachers and leaders for schools that
serve low socio-economic communities.

Partners supporting The Tutor Network include Swinburne University,
Maths Pathway, Curio, Berry Street Education Model, Maths Teacher Circles and
La Trobe University.

Tutors and schools can download The Tutor Network’s free resources and access
training modules at

Media contact: Deborah Cole  0409 252 217

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