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Our next generations deserve Australia’s best and brightest to guide them

Great teachers and leaders can make all the difference

Our vision is an Australia where education gives every child, regardless of background, greater choice for their future. We find, train and support outstanding people to become excellent educators in the classrooms that need them to make sure that comes true.

How you can help

Now more than ever, the work that our teachers do and the value they create – the spark within a child and the future for society – deserves our recognition, appreciation and support

Join us as we grow a community of leaders committed to helping every student be all they can be; and create a healthy, happy and prosperous future for all of us.

All donations over $2 are tax-deductible.

Funding and finances

As a non-profit charitable organisation, we partner with Federal, State and Territory governments, philanthropic and corporate organisations and individual donors to deliver our programs across the country.

All gifts to Teach For Australia go towards helping us pursue a vision of an equitable Australia. You can read more about our finances at the link below. Your donation is subject to our privacy policy and our website terms and conditions.

Our impact

How’re making a difference

Despite the barriers that some students face, it is possible for them to catch up. A great teacher can make all the difference for a student, and great leaders in education can change the system.

For over a decade, Teach For Australia has offered development programs for teachers, school leaders and mentors who can give the students the knowledge, skills and confidence to pursue their potential.

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